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What is it?

This is a project which uses the Arduino Duemilanove to control an airoplane (Cessna) in the
Flightgear flightsimulator (FG). The communication between Flightgear and Arduino is with the serial cable (USB). A future plan is to display different data using voltmeters as well, however far away in future in case I don't get bored before that.

AFGcockpit stands for Arduino FlightGear cockpit.

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The current features are:

Communicating With FG

The communication with FG is carried out over the USB serial port cable. A generic protocol is created, actually two at the moment. One is used for sending and the other for recieving.

FG is started with the following commands:

This will cause FG to read data from the serial port at 10 Hz and send data at 2 Hz at the baud rate of 38400.

Download the protocols: output input and place in the protocols folder of FG, ie. $FG_ROOT/Protocol.

PCB Layout

I don't have this, but I have an SVG sketch showing how everything is connected at the moment.

Source Code

Big and messy


Yes, the wiring is messy!

Version History

Previous versions on separate page.

Links (to related information)

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