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This script is a Bash script that will make an image, or you may call it a clone or ghost, of your entire harddisk or a single partition of your harddisk. It can be useful if you've got a new computer without reinstall DVD or you have set up your computer perfectly and want to be able to reset later if (when?) necessary!

You also have to possibility to compress the data so the image takes less space on your backup media.

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A terminal based system monitor for monitoring one or more server hosts over ssh. It will show average load, cpu usage, memory usage, disk activity and network activity.

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iOS with Linux

iPhones and iPads are good devices, but not well supported for Linux users. Here is a list of some software which makes everyday easier for Linux users. Read more

MEeedia Server

How to turn an Eee PC into a media server, in case you've got tired of your tiny netbook and want to get use of it!

Two versions exist, generally more or less the same:

Last updated: August 2017.

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